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About the Academy

Elfa Soccer Academy was established by Mr. Winston Yeboah Danso, who is a business man by profession. The soccer academy was founded in the Year 2019. The name Elfa is an abbreviation of East Legon Football Academy and it's in existence to assist young talented soccer players obtain their dreams as professional football players.The organisation has Technical and soccer management team to provide players with essential soccer tutorials and tips to build players as professionals. Players are offered with training seminars and trainers to guide them in their practice as well as to build upon their flaws. Elfa Soccer Academy makes provision for football kits and soccer pitches for it players alongside with the basic necessitites that a player needs to be satisfied.The visionary development of the Academy is to promote soccer as sports accross the globe, the community and the country. We organise community matches like district competition and leagues to enhance the skills of our players. We also look forward developing recreational centres within the communitiy to encourage soccer among the youths.

  • To Usher the soccer talented, the enthusiastic and the soccer novice to meet his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.
  • To Promote soccer in the community, city and countrywide through the organization of football programmes.
  • To provide the basic facilities for our players and to equip them with satisfactory materials such as training seminars, soccer kits to assist them build upon their career.
  • Our values: Encouragement, Excellence, Determination and Endurance

Community Awards